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Dim’s Innovative Mind, a graphic and advertising design company headquartered in Macau and Hong Kong. The team led by the experienced directors consists of professionals from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and other places, whose vision of design is diversified. We have a strong grasp of the clients’ needs. We actively accommodate the commercial market. And we are devoted to provide the highest quality design service with the most efficiency. We are your ideal one-stop company who offer highly customized solutions from design concepts to the final product. Moreover, to cater to the ever-changing business world and market needs, we regularly perform market analysis and tech optimization. To ensure satisfaction from our clients, we only believe in the means of top-notch product design, technique and excellent after-sales service. Hence, for every stage of the service, we have specific people to follow up and provide professional advice. Contentment and support from our clients drive us to take our creations to another level.





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